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The Heartland Office

Established in 2019, Endeavor launched in Bentonville, Arkansas, to support entrepreneurs with the potential for economic and social impact in America's Heartland.

The Multiplier Effect

Transforming economies, one entrepreneur at a time.

Since our initial launch in 2019, the Heartland office has expanded services to Tulsa, Oklahoma. Connecting Northwest Arkansas and Northeast Oklahoma encourages economic development across the heartland region. Home to some of the nation's largest companies, with key industry sectors including aerospace, energy, food, healthcare, logistics, retail, technology, manufacturing, and transportation, Endeavor Heartland turbocharges the journey of fast-growing entrepreneurs.

"Endeavor has helped us accelerate faster than we ever expected. We've been connected to mentors and industry experts we could never have reached on our own. I can honestly say that Endeavor has given us an advantage in our industry."

Marc Yount, FieldAgent

Endeavor Entrepreneur

Our Heartland Community

Mapping Northwest Arkansas: A Network Analysis of the Entrepreneurship Community

Endeavor Insight, the research arm of Endeavor, partnered with Endeavor Heartland to study the entrepreneurship ecosystem for tech-enabled companies in Northwest Arkansas. The purpose of the study is to provide insights into the sector's current state, evaluate its challenges, and highlight opportunities to better understand and support local tech entrepreneurship. The findings are based on more than 100 interviews with local tech entrepreneurs and participants in the ecosystem, including investors, mentors, support organizations, university officials, and services providers, and data collected on more than 120 companies.

Funding Partners & Donors

Endeavor’s partners, sponsors, and donors empower the organization with the resources, talent, and guidance we need to grow.

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