Co-Founder and CEO of Detroit-Based CoverTree Passes Endeavor’s National Selection Panel

Adarsh Rachmale, Co-Founder and CEO of CoverTree, has been selected to join Endeavor’s U.S. network of entrepreneurs. Rachmale was selected at Endeavor’s National Selection Panel held in Louisville, Kentucky, April 17-19, 2024. The National Selection Panel is part of Endeavor’s rigorous multi-step selection process to identify high-growth entrepreneurs who have potential to leverage Endeavor’s resources to create large-scale wealth and jobs, and are committed to reinvesting into their entrepreneurship ecosystems. 

CoverTree is bringing technology to specialty lines of insurance that need it most, starting with manufactured homes. By offering automated underwriting, data-driven pricing, and better customer service, CoverTree is the first and only digital insurance solution for manufactured homes, enabling customers to go from quote to purchase in under four minutes.

Growing up in Detroit and with parents who immigrated to the U.S. to become entrepreneurs in the construction industry, Rachmale knows both entrepreneurship and the value of innovation in traditional industries well. After completing a dual degree in electrical engineering and finance at the University of Michigan, his passion for technology led him to Silicon Valley, where he spent two years as a Product Manager at LinkedIn helping to launch its Premium and InMail features. After the COVID pandemic, Rachmale decided to move back to his hometown, dreaming of building a product he believed would benefit the community he grew up around. Soon after, CoverTree was born.

“Endeavor’s entrepreneur network and resources were proven very quickly in the process,” said Rachmale. “Purely from the process, I gained spectacular relationships and ideas for execution. It’s clear that everyone involved cares a lot about the community. I’m very excited to be starting a long and fruitful relationship with Endeavor — it’ll help us take CoverTree to the next level.”

The National Selection Panel (NSP) is an integral stage in Endeavor’s Global Selection Process that puts participants one step away from becoming an Endeavor Entrepreneur. Through the NSP, Endeavor board members and top mentors interview candidates across U.S. markets to determine whether or not they will be eligible to pitch at a future International Selection Panel (ISP). NSP-level Entrepreneurs can expect a dedicated Endeavor point person and nationwide support from Endeavor’s U.S. network for up to 24 months. During this time, Endeavor curates the most impactful connections and resources to help accelerate their scaleup journey.

Rachmale was selected into the Endeavor U.S. network by a panel of business leaders and entrepreneurs, including: Ron Turnier (CEO and President, What Chefs Want), Julia Regan, MBA (CEO, RxLightning), Matthew Condon (Founder, Bardavon Health Innovation), Cara Osborne (Managing Partner, Native Spirit Holdings), Mitch Black (EVP, Motus), and Andy Eastes (Chief Strategy Officer, Linnworks).

As part of Endeavor’s unparalleled national network, Rachmale will gain access to comprehensive, strategic, support services, including introductions to business mentors, investors, and volunteers from Fortune 500 consulting firms. He and other entrepreneurs who pass a National Panel are supported by eight Endeavor regional offices across across the U.S. He joins other founders who have passed the National Panel including Kent Cissell and Tony Capucille (EightTwenty Solar), Amy Brown (Authenticx), Matt Rubin (True Essence Foods), and more.