DENVER, CO, May 9th, 2024— This week, Endeavor Colorado announced Marc Patterson as the new Managing Director of Endeavor Colorado. Marc brings multiple decades of experience in private equity, venture capital and wealth management, including for JPMorgan and Morgan Stanley. He moved to Boulder in 2011 to join Crestone Capital, a wealth management firm that had a concentration of clients that were founders of Colorado companies. His extensive experience with growth-stage companies is critical to Endeavor’s success. 

“Marc is an experienced relationship executive serving founders and high profile individuals,” said Dan Caruso, Managing Director of Caruso Ventures and Endeavor Colorado Board Chairman. “We are excited to watch Marc take the organization to the next level, through extensive experience with growth-stage companies.”

Marc’s strong leadership skills, creativity and strong understanding of how to create value for scaleup companies is the expertise needed for the next phase of Endeavor Colorado. He has shown alignment to the organization’s mission and is driven to make an impact on the ecosystem. 

“I’m excited to lead the Endeavor team, work with our outstanding entrepreneurs and support the growing scale-up ecosystem in Colorado,” said Marc Patterson. “I believe there is great opportunity to grow Endeavor Colorado and further the engagement with Endeavor North America and Endeavor Global.”

Endeavor Colorado continues to identify additional entrepreneurs to join the Global Network, specifically those well-positioned to grow, scale, and create outsized impact in Colorado and their industry. The Endeavor Colorado board includes top local entrepreneurs, executives, and investors providing mentorship and support to the next generation of Colorado entrepreneurs. 

Marc’s leadership is supported by a seasoned board of directors, ambassadors and mentors that are committed to furthering Endeavor’s mission including Valeria Alberola, John Street and Brad Feld. 

About Endeavor

Founded in 1997, Endeavor has helped over 2,500 entrepreneurs build more than 1,300 companies in 40 markets throughout North America, Latin America, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and Africa. Endeavor Entrepreneurs generate combined revenues of $28.7 billion annually, and have created 3.9 million jobs in their local economies. Endeavor Entrepreneurs commit to mentoring and investing in the next generation of founders. Endeavor Colorado launched in September 2019 and supports eight high-growth scaling companies.