Why Setting Mission, Vision and Values is Important for Entrepreneurs

ScaleUp Heartland programming kicks off in Bentonville with Nexxt, exploring values, vision, and mission setting.

Last week, Endeavor Heartland hosted its first-ever retreat for its inaugural ScaleUp cohort in Bentonville, Arkansas. This unforgettable day was filled with activities focused on personal development as a foundation for one’s business, emphasizing mission, vision, and values.

The day began with a memorable mindfulness meditation experience featuring an aerial yoga and sound bath session led by Bentonville-based Cocoon Yoga Lab. Founder Tammy Mores led a meditative session empowering ScaleUp’s female founders to push themselves both physically and mentally as they prepared for a day of learning best practices on how to align their personal mission, vision, and values with their brands.

The retreat continued with NEXXT Founder Amy Reeves Robinson and Cara Osborne coaching the ScaleUp cohort on the importance of who you are as a founder and what you bring to your business.

NEXXT is a “catalyst community for women” based in Northwest Arkansas, serving as a brave space for women to grow and set a defined path themselves. NEXXT’s focus is on building clarity, confidence, and community among women both personally and professionally through coaching and programming.

ScaleUp founders participated in various modules as part of NEXXT programming, solidifying their own mission, vision, and values for their personal and professional lives. No matter what stage of life you’re in, it’s always a good time to assess your priorities and how they translate into your professional and personal life.

“Attending the ScaleUp retreat inspired several ‘lightbulb moments’ regarding my mission, vision and values, enhancing my perspective on how I equip my team in scaling my company.” – Maria Grimm, Founder of Relly

NEXXT identified a few ways we can set boundaries to better align with our mission, vision, and values:

  1. First, choose a repeated scenario where you wish you could say “no.”

  2. Write down a clear response, do not explain, make excuses or lie, and — if needed — offer an alternative that still maintains the boundary.

  3. Practice with a partner. Ask them to react and ask questions as you have experienced or anticipate happening and rehearse concise answers like “This is what will work best for us.”

Entrepreneurs who set boundaries and align their mission, vision, and values with their company will set healthy boundaries and encourage their team members to foster a happier, more productive work environment. Strengthening one’s personal framework can and will translate over to your company.

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