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Established in 2018, Endeavor's San Juan office is paving the road to ensure a lasting impact on the local entrepreneurial ecosystem. Read more on our latest efforts below.

Dream bigger, scale faster, pay it forward

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Endeavor Puerto Rico aims to transform the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Puerto Rico by integrating founders into a global community that is driving innovation-based economic development across borders. In addition to providing strategic support as these entrepreneurs scale their businesses, Endeavor also provides a platform for entrepreneurs to broaden their impact by paying their success forward, contributing to the growth and expansion of a robust entrepreneurial community.

"Endeavor gives its entrepreneurs the perspective and platform to create value at a global scale while maximizing their positive impact in their local communities."


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Our Community

  • Team

    Our staff provides customized services to equip entrepreneurs with the tools they need to reach next-level growth.

    Cristina Tamayo

    Managing Director

    Elvis Balza-Escalona

    EX & Operations Manager

    Angelita Gomez

    EX Associate

    William Garay

    EX Junior Associate

  • Board

    Endeavor Puerto Rico's board represents a curated group of business leaders and entrepreneurs from a variety of industries and sectors who guide the organization’s mission and growth.

    José Stella

    QMC Telecom

    Lisanne Dorion

    Lisanne Dorion LLC

    Jason Borschow

    Abarca Health

    John Helmers

    Long Focus Capital

    José Fernández

    Stepstone Group, Inc.

    Juan Sabater

    Valor Equity Partners

    Mac Schuessler

    Evertec Inc.

    Ignacio Álvarez

    Popular Inc.

    Michael Linse

    Linse Capital

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Entrepreneur selection is ongoing and interested entrepreneurs can connect with the Entrepreneur Experience & Operations Manager, Elvis Balza at [email protected] 

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