Board Member Spotlight : Valeria Alberola

Endeavor Colorado : Why did you decide to join the Endeavor network?

I joined Endeavor for three reasons: its inspiring mission, global impact, and exceptional community.

Endeavor’s mission to build thriving entrepreneurial ecosystems in emerging and underserved markets deeply inspires me. Every Endeavor Entrepreneur commits to mentoring and investing in the next generation of founders, creating a powerful multiplier effect. I witnessed this firsthand in my home country of Chile, where Endeavor helped catalyze a vibrant culture of entrepreneurship and drive economic growth.

The scale of Endeavor is staggering — supporting 2500+ high-impact entrepreneurs across 42 countries and generating over 4 million jobs since its inception. That’s true global impact.

Yet, what stands out the most to me is the network itself: a community of incredibly talented entrepreneurs, business leaders, and mentors. They are not only smart, accomplished, and passionate but also deeply committed to giving back to their communities.

Endeavor Colorado : Please share some background information about yourself and explain what motivated you to become a Board Member.

There is no organization quite like Endeavor. As the global hub for high-impact entrepreneurs, it resonated with me both personally and professionally.

On a personal level, my international background — born in Chile, raised in Africa, and having lived and worked across Europe and Latin America before settling in the U.S. over 20 years ago — aligns seamlessly with Endeavor’s global reach.

Professionally, I have dedicated my career to driving growth and transformation for companies across diverse geographies. Starting as a McKinsey consultant in Latin America, I worked with large corporations on major strategic initiatives. Subsequently, I spent a decade in investment banking in the U.S., leading capital raising and M&A growth for technology companies. After transitioning to the role of CFO for an education venture, I led its expansion across more than 10 national and international markets. Currently, as an investor, I support the growth of energy and education companies and serve on the boards of two global organizations, Clarivate (NYSE: CLVT) and Vantage Data Centers.

It is an honor to collaborate with the Endeavor Colorado team and board, leveraging my diverse skills and experiences to support the success and growth of our high-impact entrepreneurial community in Colorado.

Endeavor Colorado : Are there any companies currently going through the Endeavor process that particularly excite you?

There are two exciting Colorado companies that are currently in the final stages of the very rigorous Endeavor Global selection process. The first is Parsyl, a supply chain technology and insurance company specializing in essential goods in the food and health sectors. Parsyl plays a key role in monitoring perishable food and vaccine shipments worldwide. It was recently awarded the prestigious U.S. Secretary of State’s Award for Corporate Excellence for its contribution to the monitoring of Covid-19 vaccines in Africa.

The second is TIFIN, an AI-powered fintech platform that leverages data science, investment intelligence, and technology to provide personalized financial and investment advice to individuals, aiming to deliver better wealth outcomes – think of it as the Netflix for wealth. TIFIN is revolutionizing the investment industry and has attracted investments from industry leaders, such as J.P. Morgan, Morningstar, and Franklin Templeton.

Most importantly, behind both Parsyl and TIFIN are two inspiring and mission-driven entrepreneurs, Ben Hubbard and Vinay Nair, respectively. They are transforming their industries globally and contributing to their local economies.

Endeavor Colorado : Could you describe your current role at ZOMALAB and what it entails?

I serve as the CEO of ZOMALAB, the private family office of Ben and Lucy Ana Walton. Our mission at ZOMA is to help build thriving and resilient communities in Colorado and Chile. We tackle critical challenges, including workforce, energy, economic development, and early childhood development. In my role, I oversee two catalytic arms: ZOMA Capital and ZOMA Foundation. Through ZOMA Capital, we make global, market-based investments in our thematic focus areas leveraging flexible and patient capital across a broad range of asset classes. Through ZOMA Foundation, we strategically use philanthropy to drive systemic changes in both Colorado and Chile.

Working closely with our principals, my central focus is aligning our actions with our mission and values, consistently pushing for higher standards, and nurturing a healthy and high-performing culture. 

Endeavor Colorado : Which industries do you see experiencing growth in Colorado at present, and which industries do you anticipate emerging over the next five years?

Despite the challenging fundraising environment, I am observing sustained entrepreneurial activity across various industry sectors in Colorado. Denver and Boulder continue to stand out as national tech startup hubs, fueled by our exceptional tech talent pool. Additionally, vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystems are evident in aerospace and in the life sciences/healthcare sectors, which attracted the most VC funding last year.

Looking ahead over the next five years, I expect to see significant growth in quantum technology. Colorado is already a global leader in quantum research, companies, and talent. With the recent designation of our state as a quantum tech hub by the Biden administration, we are poised to attract millions of dollars in public and private funding, driving even faster growth. 

Endeavor Colorado : Do you have any general advice to offer to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Being an entrepreneur is an incredibly lonely and difficult journey. In my experience, I’ve found that a critical, and sometimes neglected, step for entrepreneurs is to clearly define their culture, mission, and values early in their process.

More specifically, the ‘who’ is always more important than the ‘what’: ensuring you have alignment with your partners, investors, team members, and customers is essential to navigate the hurdles of entrepreneurship. When your team is aligned, motivated, and founded on the same core values, that is when the magic happens, and success becomes more attainable.

Endeavor Colorado : Apart from your professional commitments, how do you typically spend your free time?

I spend my free time running in the mornings, reading a book weekly, playing tennis with friends, hiking, and traveling. However, the most important thing for me is spending time with my husband and two sons.