2024 Ecosystem Predictions — Fearing the Future

Prediction by Canem Arkan, Endeavor Heartland

For the 2024 annual ecosystem predictions, I thought a lot about the fear of failure—how it holds us back and prevents us from seeing the big picture and embracing change, and how fear is pervasive in everything we do, professionally and personally. I feel that fear in all aspects of my life. Will I leave the world a better place than I entered? Will my children grow to be good stewards of the privilege in their lives? Is the work I do every day impacting founders, my region, and the world? I do not have the answers, but I have decided to ask for help. 

There are very few people in the business world who haven’t heard of ChatGPT. Some are skeptical of what it will accomplish; some are overwhelmed by its implications. All of it fear – of the unknown, of the change yet to come. But for these predictions, we’ve embraced our fear. This year, we had conversations with our fortune-tellers on a broad range of topics, from the future of data in sports to taking healthcare into our own hands. It is hard to put  your vision for the future into words. It’s even harder to transcribe those words into a concise, print-ready version, like this ecosystem prediction we do annually. 

So, we asked ChatGPT to do just that. In fact, I’ve asked ChatGPT to summarize my two paragraphs, and below is the result. Is it better? I don’t know. But I know the only way to move forward is to embrace change, even if we are afraid. We hope you enjoy these and learn something new.


ChatGPT: In contemplating the 2024 annual ecosystem predictions, I’ve been deeply reflecting on the pervasive nature of the fear of failure, which significantly hampers our ability to perceive the broader picture and welcome transformative changes. This apprehension is not confined to professional realms; it permeates personal life as well. I am acutely aware of this fear in various facets of my existence – pondering whether I will significantly contribute to the world’s betterment, if my offspring will responsibly handle their privileges, or if my daily efforts are impacting founders, my community, or the globe at large. While definitive answers elude me, I am committed to employing strategies to conquer these fears.

In the business community, the emergence of ChatGPT has hardly gone unnoticed. The responses range from skepticism to overwhelming apprehension about its future implications – all rooted in the fear of the unknown and the impending changes. However, for this year’s predictions, we have chosen to confront our fears directly. We engaged in comprehensive dialogues with various experts on a wide array of subjects, from the future of sports to healthcare developments. Articulating a vision for the future is a formidable task, even more challenging is distilling these expansive thoughts into a concise, print-ready format. Yet, this is the path we undertake to navigate and mitigate our fears, looking forward to a future we shape with insight and courage and technology.

About Canem: 

Canem Arkan is a finance professional with 20 years of experience, born in Istanbul and having spent the majority of her life in New York. As the founding executive director of Endeavor Heartland since its launch in 2019, she has played a pivotal role in guiding entrepreneurs to drive economic growth. Her previous roles include serving as Managing Director at Axonic Capital and spending a decade at Goldman Sachs, focusing on structured credit risk management and financial structuring. She began her career as an investment banking analyst at Citigroup.

Active in the regional entrepreneurial ecosystem, Canem serves on the board of 36 Degrees North and the Northwest Arkansas Council, and is a member of the Arkansas Executive Forum. She holds a B.A. in Economics and Communications from the University of Pennsylvania and is a dedicated advocate for food allergy research. In her free time, Canem enjoys outdoor activities with her family in Fayetteville, Arkansas.