2021 Ecosystem Predictions — Talent Recruitment in 2021

There have been massive shifts in hiring practices following the Covid-19 crisis this past year, as remote work has become more broadly acceptable across a variety of industries. Adding to that, there has also been a seismic shift in recruitment activities as companies are faced with limited options for the in-person events and career fairs that they have historically relied on. In addition, many companies have committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workforce, which has resulted in the opportunity for positive social change in 2021, particularly within hiring practices. Bringing that sentiment home, Northwest Arkansas has always been keenly aware of the power of a connected community and, I anticipate, this will continue as our growing companies embrace the formation of private-public partnerships that assist employers with identifying certified job talent.

In 2020, SmartResume continued to see a clear trend of the world’s largest companies struggling to find the best job talent, which was exacerbated by recruitment activities becoming virtual due to Covid-19. With a renewed focus amongst many of America’s top employers on diversity, equity, and inclusion combined with a shift in recruitment activities, there are ample opportunities in place for employers to make meaningful changes in their hiring practices.

As part of a demo we performed, we helped a Fortune 500 company search for a prospect requiring a specific set of skills and education. Using SmartResume, the employer was able to anonymize the list of prospective employees’ identities but narrow for the credentials they sought. Simply, this employer was able to view a list of niche, certified talent from leading universities in Arkansas, while masking the gender, race, and ethnicity of this individual, solving a big problem within hiring practices. Thus, this employer was able to gain access to a more diversified talent pool, one that they had previously not come across in all their previous searches. Within three months, they made an offer of employment to a job seeker with SmartResume. By making a shift toward virtual hiring, this company was also able to implement hiring practices that will further assist their efforts towards more equitable hiring practices.

2021 will further highlight the importance of bottom of the funnel career recruitment and elevate the platforms necessary to accomplish those goals as companies continue to invest in new ways to connect with and hire the talent they need. At SmartResume, we are excited about the future of hiring practices and look forward to assisting companies in accessing a qualified and diverse talent pool, increasing efficiencies and opportunities for Northwest Arkansas and beyond.

2021 Mantra

“Build the future.”

As our community continues to expand its footprint and attract new talent to the region, we must remember that it takes the proverbial village to demonstrate that this is a great place to live, with many opportunities. We’re thrilled to play a small role in helping to create connections here.

About Dave Wengel

Dave Wengel is the Founder and CEO of SmartResume®, a privately held real-time information services company that helps clients fight fraud and improve marketing efficiencies through the use of proprietary database solutions. He is also the Co-Founder and President of ARCodeKids, and has served on the Arkansas Governor’s Computer Science Task Force. Prior to starting iDatafy®, Dave was the founding General Manager of TARGUSinfo’s Interactive Markets Division where he helped create the online advertising industry’s first real-time data verification solution. Neustar Inc. acquired TARGUSinfo in November 2011 for $650,000,000. Dave’s Interactive Markets division represented 19% of TARGUSinfo revenues at the time of sale.