2021 Ecosystem Predictions — Security in the Age of Remote Working

Tech Adoption Accelerated

While we have certainly experienced an adoption of technology throughout the last several decades, this recent pandemic has greatly accelerated its adoption and use; virtual digital conferencing, educational technology enabling remote learning, cloud adoption, and engaging SAAS platforms. Arguably all these changes would have eventually been widely adopted, but not as fast as the pandemic has forced the issue. Organizations are refocusing budgets, realigning their IT resources, developing new processes and procedures leveraging technology, and rethinking their disaster recovery and business continuity strategies.

Security and Privacy Regulations Will Become More Mainstream

A dramatic shift in how we receive our entertainment, emerging privacy regulations, and pending antitrust lawsuits is going to drastically change the digital advertising industry. Third-party cookies and “cutting the cord” strategies are forcing advertisers to reevaluate targeting strategies. There will be a significant disruption in digital advertising and privacy policies across the board which will force a broader look at security and privacy in this emerging digital age.

New standards in Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification, which impacts the Department of Defense industrial base and supply chain, will have a ripple effect across corporations.

Remote Working Is Working

Organizations that were reluctant to adopt work from home strategies prior to the pandemic have been forced to realize the advantages of such structures. This widespread adoption will inevitably reshape our communities. Traditional big cities and sprawling downtown areas will be less important, and employees will redesign the functionality of their homes. Without the anchor of an office, expensive locations become less appealing, and employees will shift to smaller cities, less traffic, and family-friendly communities, like Tulsa or NWA.

Second Verse Same as the First?

I am optimistic that we will be better prepared to contain the next pandemic. We have learned a lot about rapid development of contact tracing, testing procedures, and drug development and testing. These all lead to a more optimistic picture of a future that is more efficient and better prepared.

TRUE Perspective

From a strictly True Digital Security (TRUE) perspective, these predictions all align perfectly with TRUE’s mission as a cybersecurity integration firm located in the family-friendly local of the Midwest. TRUE is ready to support emerging technology companies within regulated industries, to maximize profitability and minimize regulatory barriers. With TRUE as a partner, organizations will be more efficient, effective, focused and prepared.

About Jerry Dawkins

Dr. Jerald Dawkins is the CEO and Founder of True Digital Security, a Tulsa-based security consulting firm positioned to be a leader in information assurance consulting and product development. TRUE delivers industry-leading processes, best practices, and expertise to a variety of private and public organizations. Dr. Dawkins has extensive experience in regulatory compliance, technical risk assessments, penetration testing, web application vulnerability analysis, and secure coding. Dr. Dawkins is the author of numerous publications on the subject of network security and attack modeling and has given presentations at national and international conferences, and security briefings to several private- and public-sector organizations.